How to order online

Thanks for your interest in purchasing Black Swan products from our web site. This page describes the purchasing process and options available to you. Our attempt is to "de-mystify" the experience and address commonly asked questions.

We provide two purchasing options. The first is our Online Purchase Option. The second is our traditional "Snail-Mail" option. Each is described in more detail below:

We do not charge shipping and handling for orders to be shipped to any location in the United States. International orders result in significantly greater postage costs and handling time, so we charge a flat $5 fee on such transactions. Thanks for understanding.

Online Purchase Option

This option is similar to placing an order through a web-retailer such as It is secure, more efficient for us and will result in less waiting for you. The procedures are as follows:

  1. Browse the web site for items you wish to purchase (purchasable items should have an "Add to Cart" icon attached).
  2. If you find an item you desire, click on the attached "Add to Cart" icon.
  3. A Black Swan Shopping Cart screen will appear listing all of the items you have selected so far, the quantity selected, and unit and total price (not including shipping and handling).
  4. At this point you have not consummated the transaction and have the following options:
    1. You may remove the item from the shopping cart by clicking the "Remove Item" icon
    2. You can adjust the quantity ordered by clicking either the "Increase Quantity" or "Decrease Quantity" icons
    3. You can empty the entire cart by clicking the "Empty Cart" icon
    4. You can continue browsing by clicking the "Continue Shopping" icon, or
    5. You can take the next step in the purchase process by clicking the "Check Out" icon.
  5. Selecting the "Check Out" icon will move you to a screen where you will enter confidential information needed to consummate the transaction, including your address and credit card data. This information is kept confidential and secure.
  6. Fill in the blanks with all relative information (fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory). If billing and shipping information you can save time by clicking the button provided.
  7. At this point we transfer you from our site to our Merchant Banking provider, CardService International, Inc., though it will appear seamless to you. They receive and process your credit card information. Once approved they will debit your account for the total transaction price. They will then email you an order confirmation and email us your order and delivery information.
  8. We will prepare and ship your order within a few days of the transaction.

Snail Mail Option

This option is similar to placing an order from a mail-order catalog. The procedures are as follows:

  1. Select the US Mail Order Form option in the left frame. It will take you to a Black Swan order form.
  2. Print the Order Form.
  3. Browse the web site for items you wish to purchase (purchasable items should have an "Add to Cart" icon attached).
  4. Fill in the order information on the Order Form.
  5. Total your purchases, including the appropriate shipping and handling charge.
  6. Either fill in credit card information in the space provided, or send a check or money order in US dollars to the address indicated on the form.
  7. You will receive your goods in two to four weeks.