Booking Information

Black Swan can help make your next event a tremendous success. We can provide our standard eight-piece Dixieland ensemble or any number of smaller combos that will match the size and purpose of the occasion. For most events we can provide and run our own sound system (very large venues may require a third party sound and light service provider). Included below is information you likely need to make an informed decision.

Information We Need

To help you determine an appropriate music budget, we also need certain information. Principally:

How We Can Help

The Black Swan Classic Jazz Band recognizes that it must satisfy the interests of many individuals at its performances. These include the audience, volunteers, event organizers, composers and musicians, current and future. We judge our performance a success when both guests and sponsors feel pleased and gratified on leaving the hall. Our goal is to help you profit from the experience—personally, financially or both.

Learn how we can help make your event a winning experience for all: